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It’s no secret that the world of marketing is changing all the time. Businesses of all sizes are always finding ways to creatively use new technology for advertising and marketing efforts. Here are a few areas of technology that are increasing saturation enough for marketers to take notice. 

3D Printing
3D printing isn’t anything new, but it hasn’t been commercially viable for many years. Teachers and students, movie prop designers and everyone in between is using 3D printers for a variety of reasons. For example, eBay uses 3D printing with the Exact app. 3D printers aren’t inexpensive, yet, but they are more cost-effective than ever. The hardest part might be coming up with a good reason for the investment.

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality has evolved from computer and gaming systems to immersive technology like the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Now, companies are taking advantage of tools like Facebook’s 360 videos feature to tell their brand story.

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is somewhat more accessible than virtual reality at this current time. It works by superimposing a virtual image on the real world, and often it is more cost-effective than virtual reality at this point. It’s also a playful, novelty aspect of marketing that intrigues the customer by catching their eye. One particularly famous use of augmented reality is Pokemon Go – the app that has taken the world by storm. Businesses can apply for their very own Pokestops and many run specials for people who set Pokemon lures. 

NFC (near field communication, the next version of barcode scanners and QR codes) is nothing new, and we’ve been reaping its benefits for years. Now, marketers are able to use tools like NFC posters to provide an interactive element to marketing material. It’s accessible, cost-effective and can be used in practically any setting. It can add an easily implemented dose of modern technology to any marketing strategy.

Streaming Video
Television is no longer confined to specific formats or times. Rarely do we sit down and watch a program when it first airs. Now, we can watch it whenever suits us best. We used to watch it on the television, but now, we can watch streaming video via YouTube, Facebook and more. Marketers are already taking advantage of this ability to stream important events and gain viewers. Facebook’s new streaming abilities have proven to be a major catalyst in the rise of this marketing technique. 

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