Caution: Tell your Boss Anything

This new service is a minefield. One you would be wise to stay away from.

According to the website, the ultimate goal is to, “encourage useful discussion that resolves difficult workplace issues. We provide a safe environment in which to do that.”

However, safe doesn’t necessarily mean completely anonymous. The site claims, “Unless required to by law, we will not reveal your identity.”

The service, as noted in this article, might reveal the sender. “The catch? Tell Your Boss Anything flags messages with violent phrases or cursing, and if a manager flags a message because it’s abusive, Tell Your Boss Anything might reveal your identity. Keep a level-head if you decide to fire off an email to your boss.”

If you’re going to be level-headed, why not have a conversation with your boss instead? Not to mention, if you’re in a small department or have a unique writing style you’ll be giving yourself away.

Thoughts on Guest Posting

Yesterday was my first official guest blog post. While I’ve offered opinions and suggestions here and there to other bloggers, I’ve never written an entire post for someone else before.

The entire experience was exciting. It was everything I loved about journalism, writing, interviewing, answering questions, and working with like-minded people but without all the stuff I hated!

It’s flattering to be asked to guest post. To me, it meant my ideas and writing style is not only compatible with people I admire, but that those people are interested in what I have to say.

I was lucky because Jeff Esposito offered me guidance in the topics he wanted me to write given the content already on his blog. He gave me a few options and let me choose the one I thought would be the best fit. I was surprised at how easy it was to take the topic and make it my own, while still maintaining the integrity of his blog.

I hope to return the favor in the near future and have some guests post here.