Math, smath

If you’re in PR, Marketing, Social Media, Journalism or any other word-centric profession you might think math, who needs it? Turns out, you really do.

You’ll be seen as an asset to your company if you can measure a campaign, turn likes and follows into actual hard data and can explain the numbers to your bosses. You’ll be able to contribute to the company’s overall business picture and reiterate your importance to the team.

Anyone can tweet, post to Facebook and search for the newest social channels, but not everyone can use math to provide justification for their efforts. You will likely learn the basics in college: statistics, media impressions, market research, campaign measurement, etc. With those tools you can delve into any new analytical arena that pops up. By the time you graduate you should have a good idea of how to translate those skills to new media and social media. How to evaluate if a social channel is worth your company’s time. You should be able to read a Google analytics report and understand what it all means and then tell your bosses.

Reviewing the analytics should keep you from continuing to invest in a strategy that isn’t working and ultimately save your company money.

In case you need a refresher, check out this Poynter News University course on math for journalists.

How do you use math every day?

Thoughts on Guest Posting

Yesterday was my first official guest blog post. While I’ve offered opinions and suggestions here and there to other bloggers, I’ve never written an entire post for someone else before.

The entire experience was exciting. It was everything I loved about journalism, writing, interviewing, answering questions, and working with like-minded people but without all the stuff I hated!

It’s flattering to be asked to guest post. To me, it meant my ideas and writing style is not only compatible with people I admire, but that those people are interested in what I have to say.

I was lucky because Jeff Esposito offered me guidance in the topics he wanted me to write given the content already on his blog. He gave me a few options and let me choose the one I thought would be the best fit. I was surprised at how easy it was to take the topic and make it my own, while still maintaining the integrity of his blog.

I hope to return the favor in the near future and have some guests post here.