In college, I started freelancing to supplement my waitressing and college newspaper income. Very quickly, I learned that in order to be a successful freelancer you have to find good-paying markets and be willing to spend time sending out targeted pitches. That took a lot of time away from the writing part of the job and did not have a a great success rate.

At the time, I wished for an easier way to cull through Craigslist and the various freelance market websites.

While I don’t do a lot of freelance writing anymore, I do keep up on market changes from both a freelancer and a freelance contractor. Which is why I was thrilled to have that opportunity to test out a new marketplace for freelancers: Contena.

Contena is a “powerful tool built for writers and content creators who want to find the best-paying markets” for single submissions and ongoing freelance work. Finally, my wish came true and someone else has done the culling for me!

The benefit of Contena is in the search and compare feature. Unlike other freelance job boards, Contena lets you see who and how much right away. Meaning as a freelancer you can decide right away if the contractor is a good match for you instead of waiting until you (maybe) hear back only to learn that the magazine is more of an adult variety than a home maintenance variety.

Some of the posts keep you in Contena and the application process is super simple.

Even the postings that take you outside of Contena  are easy to apply for.

Most applications take less than five minutes to complete. You can also customize a daily email to only send you the opportunities you are most interested in.

If you’re a freelancer or want to become one, consider signing up for Contena today. While there is a small membership fee (Contena starts at around $40 a month with an annual plan), don’t let that deter you. Most of the paying positions pay at least that amount and you might be able to offset the cost of membership by working with your accountant. 

Have you had luck with Contena?

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