Three Reasons Your Sales Figures Are Low This Month

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Whether we like it, or not sales can often seem like the be all and end all of any business no matter the size, and if sales are low it can spark a panic from the top to the bottom of your organization. However, there are some ways that you can improve your sales figures. In fact, identifying the reason that they aren’t where you would like them to be and addressing these each, in turn, can be hugely helpful. Read on for more information.

Loss of motivation of your sales team.
One reason why you sales numbers may not be where they should be is that your sales team members are not working up to their potential. Of course, you will need to determine whether this is a serious issue or just one of the natural lulls you can expect in a month.

If it is the former than a shakeup of the team may be necessary? Perhaps accounts need to be swapped over to see if others can do better with them, or maybe some additional training is in order?

However, if your low sales figures are likely due to a lull, then it might be better to put a motivational strategy in place. To do this, you might consider offering percentage bonuses, although even earning points that can team members can exchange for tickets in an end of month raffle can also do the job.

Poor user experience.
Next, your sales targets may be low because the shopping experience that you are providing for your customers isn’t right. In fact, this is something that can affect online sales, and well as purchases made in your real-world stores.

Of course, while the general principle to improve these this is the same, the specifics are a little different. In particular, to enhance a customer’s experience online (UX) it is often necessary to create compelling stories and personas on your website.

However, regarding real-world customer’s experiences taking care of the way your store looks with ff&e logistics is more of a priority. After all, if you cannot provide them with a pleasant and enjoyable space to shop in, they will not want to spend time in your store and you will be fighting a losing battle with sales.

Fitting your shop out properly is essential to sales.

Your paid advertising isn’t landing.
Lastly, you sale figures may be suffering because the advertising you are paying for just isn’t landing correctly. What this means is that it is not appealing to your target demographic and convincing them to buy your product over your competitors.

, there are some things you can do about this. First of all, consider the platform that you are advertising on. Are you paying through the nose from print publication when you could reach your audience better through online adverts?

Also remember the power of personalization, in that by customizing what each shopper sees, something that it is possible to do online, you can help to tip them from an interested party to confirmed sale. Something that will definitely help to boost your monthly sales figures.

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