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The internet has become a vital tool for every business. 
The internet can offer you an endless amount of advertising opportunities, and there are countless cloud applications that will allow you to collaborate and share your ideas with employees, outsourcing companies and even freelancers. You have an entire world at your fingertips with the internet, and almost anyone with a talent and access to the web is a potential employee just waiting to be recruited.

A Dynamic Advertising Environment
The internet is volatile. Trends can come and go within a couple of days and products can go viral with an innocent 10-second video. You shouldn’t count on any of those things happening and should instead focus on making sure your business practices include sharing to social channels with the intent of informing your customers. Search engine optimization is a key component to any marketing strategy. Your website may be beautiful and full of information and services, but it’s pointless if no one can see it. How are people going to find your website? Word of mouth is one way, but you must provide the tools for enabling your sales department (or you as a solopreneur) to carry out SEO optimization.

A Business in the Clouds
Cloud computing has become a well-received technology that every business employs. You can use internet services to store data online, collaborate with people across the world, and manage data without ever installing software onto your computer. Cloud software allows people to use almost any device to access his or her work and be productive on the go. Imagine a colleague writing a document that needs to be proofread by you. Instead of staying at the office and looking at his or her monitor, you could be in a local coffee shop with your phone. You can stay in touch with coworkers using communication software on your phone, and you can use services like Google Docs to collaborate on a document together You can also use cloud storage to make tasks like sharing files easier. If you have a marketing department or you’ve outsourced your marketing, cloud storage makes accessing the files easy no matter the location. 

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