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The marketplace of the 21st century is a veritable minefield for small businesses. Smaller operations fight a constant uphill battle against obscurity. Today’s entrepreneurs know the importance of their online presence. They pay designers top dollar for a website that’s glossy, professional looking, mobile ready and UX friendly, they’re active on social media and they may even dedicate a little time out of the day to creating original content. All this is for naught, however, if these same businesses don’t know how to increase their visibility in order to drive traffic their way.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become something of a buzzword in today’s business landscape and while most have some awareness of what it is (it’s right there in the name, after all) few understand how it works, how they can harm their SEO and the various ways in which they can improve their SEO ‘off-page’. While outsourcing your search engine optimization to a company like Ignite Digital, you can enhance their strategies by incorporating some new strategies into your everyday operations. There are strategies that entrepreneurs can adapt to grow their visibility organically without having to dedicate too much of your precious time, effort and resources.

Content is King
There is no substitute for regular, original content that will establish your brand’s voice and identity while slowly, steadily and organically increasing your visibility. In order to drive traffic to your website, you should invest in the creation of high-quality, regular content such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, white papers and e-books. Share your content with your existing client base on social media and incentivize them to share it with others. You’ll soon draw more traffic which will positively affect your SEO.

Public speaking
You don’t have to be hunched over a laptop to grow your online visibility. You can be just as effective out in the analog world. Public speaking is a great off-page tool for drawing traffic to your online presence and enhancing your visibility while expanding your reach. Many entrepreneurs have no idea how much value there is in imparting their knowledge and expertise to others in their sector or would-be entrepreneurs trying to make it behind them. Modesty has no place in the teeming digital marketplace. Find opportunities to get your face out there and share your knowledge, skills and expertise with others and watch your traffic stats go up.

Your brand may still be in its nascent stages but that’s no reason why your business should be shrouded in obscurity. Co-branding is a great way of aligning your business with another, more established brand which complements your business without being a competitor or creating a conflict of interests. Working with another business on a project often proves mutually advantageous to both parties as you’ll be introducing each other to different (and often divergent) client bases. Over the years we’ve seen many great examples of co-branding. Look at GoPro’s relationship with Red Bull and Bonne Belle’s partnership with Dr. Pepper to make soda-flavored lip balm.

With a touch of know-how, you can boost your business’ digital visibility organically without draining your precious and finite resources.

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