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Creating a video to do your marketing can seem like a fun modern way to represent your ideas if you get it right. Here are a few suggestions to making a marketing video that reflects your brand.

To begin, determine who the video audience will be and how a video will reach them. Don’t jump ahead and create a video just because the rest of the world seems to be, really make sure it can bring something to your brand. The next step is to determine the location of where this video will be published. These pre-production plans can really make a difference to the final project. 

Wherever possible include a professional within the video production or editing process. In doing so, you will reduce the production time and exclude yourself from having to deal with minor issues. These can distract you from wider marketing goals. When it comes to production be sure that you are using the best equipment available. Ensure that the lighting is good and if you plan to use music, plan to use royalty free music sites such as NeoSounds. Making sure that every aspect works and is the best it can be. There is no point creating a video that has the possibility to be viewed by many potential customers/clients, that looks rushed or is poor quality.

The final point is arguably the most crucial point, the video concept. Companies are extremely savvy these days, we have seen meerkats manage to make a simple price comparison site become one of the biggest. You need to think narrative and longevity, not all ideas are going to work for every company, try to be creative but also realistic to your brand. Do a lot of research and allow yourself time to think creatively and see what you can come up with. Discussing within a group is a great way to generate ideas.

By taking your time in the pre-production, and then making sure that the video looks the best it can, are the foundations to creating the perfect video. Always keep your target audience in mind, and exactly where this video is going to be located on the internet. Online marketing really is the most powerful way to reach current and potential audiences.

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