Accessories speak louder than words

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By now most of you know that what clothes you wear at the office and to an interview give your coworkers and the interviewer insight into who you are. We’ve previously talked about the dress code at the office and what additional items to bring with you to an interview. But what about your accessories?

According to this Daily Worth article, these seemingly tiny details add up. Diamond studs and a classic watch convey classy, quiet power. Mixing metals and a bold color palate make you a fashionable trendsetter. Statement earrings, layered bracelets and vintage cocktail rings communicate glamor.

For men, it isn’t quite as simple. Colored or patterned socks, a creative (but subtle!) tie, cuff links, watches and belt buckles (again, subtle!) can help show your personality.

Just remember there is a fine line between tasteful and obnoxious in accessories.

Resource: Daily Worth

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