Why you should continue your education

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No matter your employer (solopreneur, small business CEO or employee in a larger organization), continuing education is vital to your professional development. An undergraduate degree was a great start, but it won’t help you assert your expertise in a specialist field unless you keep your knowledge current. To do this, you might regularly attend conferences, workshops and seminars within your chosen niche. If you have a professional qualification, chances are you know you need to do this to keep those letters up to date.


Continuing Professional Development, or CPD is essential no matter what industry you work in. You may already have considered tackling your masters or doctorate when you were an undergrad. Don’t dismiss it now that you’ve started working. Many of these qualifications are only achievable once you’ve got some workplace experience and case studies to refer to.

Finding the time to invest in your professional development isn’t always easy. Fortunately, many educational services, like UAB Online, offer distance learning opportunities. This will help you plan your study time to ensure you can achieve the qualifications you’re looking for. Think of it like remote working. You need to be quite organized and commit to a minimum number of hours for study, even though you have nobody in front of you telling you to do it!


So what are the benefits of CPD? The first and most important benefit is your confidence. Knowing you have this level of expertise under your belt can give you a real boost. You can quickly become and prove you are the subject matter expert here. The additional qualifications also bolster your resume. This helps you to stand out as the most qualified candidate should you apply for a job. All those letters after your name will certainly impress your clients!

With additional qualifications, as an employee, you may be eligible for better pay and benefits. As an employer, additional qualifications may garner you bigger clients or customers. You may even find you’re head hunted by bigger and better companies. You’ll also have the latest, most current information about your industry and its regulations. This protects you, your clients and your company.

How can you continue your education and work full time? Commitment to the objective is essential. You may have the drive, but if you don’t prioritize the time, you may not achieve the qualifications you want. CPD requires you to commit to a few hours of study or class attendance each month. Take it from your working day, or take it from your leisure time. It’s worth the investment, especially when you consider the additional income you can command. Take your resume and your career to the next level.

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