Top 4 Tech Skills for Business Owners

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People talk often about how important tech is to business. There are a number of skills a business owner should have to keep their businesses growing. The top four skills are:

  1. Programming: Some people seem to think that people who don’t know how to basic code will be the equivalent of someone who doesn’t understand how to use Microsoft Office in the future. Programmers are in heavy demand across the business spectrum and having a few programming languages in your head will help make you more marketable. You can take a computer science course at a college to learn this kind of stuff, but you could also look into online courses from some of the best instructors on Udemy.
  2. Cybersecurity: Keeping computers and data protected from cybercriminals is now more important than ever. Think about it: our computers and other devices are collecting more information about us than ever. (And yes, that is a little disconcerting for a whole bunch of reasons – not least because of the threat of cybercriminals!) You’re entrusting all that information to whatever company runs the product, software, or service you’re using. Those businesses require cybersecurity experts to help protect them from data loss and lawsuits. Resources such as Maryville University Online can help you acquire the required skills.
  3. Big data analytics: Companies need a way of collecting and interpreting all the data they collect. It’s not as simple or as automated a process as many people assume it is! That’s why modern data analysts who specialize in big data are essential for businesses. Otherwise, businesses risk getting lost in the data they’ve collected and not getting relevant information that would help assist in growth opportunities. 
  4. Web development: Having skills in web development isn’t simply a case of knowing the required programming languages. You also have to know how all the interconnected systems related to websites and the Internet at large function. Being able to design and test the system on which a website will be based is crucial. Web developers are among the highest-paid skilled workers around and learning more about the art will help you better understand how so much of our online business requirements work. This is something else you can learn at a college or through Udemy, though Khan Academy has free resources to get you started.

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