Three elements to add to a business plan

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Every year, there are thousands of plans for new businesses to enter the market. Of those, only a few hundred open their doors and 97 percent of these will fail before the fourth quarter. It’s certainly a bleak picture but it’s one that you can plan to avoid from the outset. Make sure you have a solid business plan. One that allows room for mistakes and failures. You should also plan to work with companies who support your business growth plans and have a company leader who can authentically interact with customers. 

  1. The Secret To Marketing : There are multiple things that can go wrong in any business and an online business has a few extra pitfalls. You might put your faith in a digital marketing agency that you shouldn’t have trusted. The marketing business is a billion dollar industry and not all the companies are set up to help clients. Many only have the intention of making money through whatever means possible. Even if that does mean their client’s businesses fail to make an impression. To find a great marketing agency for your business you need to do thorough research. Don’t be afraid of newcomers like King Kong Digital Agency. Look for good customer service, a dedicated support system that works for you and most important, that you feel comfortable sharing details of your business. 
  2. The Hidden Importance Of Who You Are: Customers are profoundly interested in who exactly is leading the company. They want it to be someone they can trust who won’t let them down and has an excellent track record. As such, you should be very careful about putting yourself as the figurehead of your business and the public persona. Particularly, if there are things in your past that make you a questionable character. At the same time, though, you still need someone who people can link to your business. They need to be interesting, charismatic and look successful. This is why companies regularly use celebrity spokespeople.
  3. The Impact Of Interaction: Your customers should be able to explore your business, connect with you and find out what you have to offer from the comfort of their favorite device. You can do this by making sure you have a website and a few key social media channels (use only the ones that are right for you and your business). Pay specific attention to the content you release in the various channels and on your website and make sure they match common practices. As long as you’re providing information that is directly relevant to your target customer or client and trying to be genuine in your interactions, you will come across as authentic.

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