6 Ways Smartphones Changed Business Marketing

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Not all that long ago, the internet totally changed the way we think about marketing. Then, smartphones came along and did it all again. With the introduction of smartphones, businesses have had to adapt their marketing and advertising strategies accordingly. 

  1. QR Codes It wasn’t all that long ago when a brand-new marketing technique made its debut in the form of QR codes. If you’ve never heard of them, you’ve probably seen them before. Normally, they take the form of a barcode-type square that you’ll find in a variety of locations. They might be in magazines, on leaflets or even on vehicles! By scanning them, the person in question will be taken to a specific web location. These are great mechanisms for attracting interest for businesses across the world, but have quickly reached oversaturation.
  2. Social Media Social media was present before smartphones came along, but it certainly wasn’t as big a deal. We’re far more likely to browse Facebook or Twitter on our phones and tablets while waiting in line or waiting for an appointment. Organizations of all sizes should make sure they are spending additional time, money and effort to incorporate social media strategies into campaigns (J & A Creative Group would love to help you with this piece!). If you’re falling behind when it comes to social media, you’re missing out on major business.
  3. Website Optimization There was a time when most people browsed websites on PCs and laptops. Then, when they went on a portable device, websites would be incredibly difficult to navigate. Over time, businesses have adapted and now website design companies offer the ability to optimize websites for any device. This is practically a necessity for business owners everywhere.
  4. App Advertisements A lot has changed since apps were first introduced. There was a time when the term ‘app’ was misunderstood by everyone. Now, they’re all over our phones, PC’s, consoles and even watches! We all know what they are, and most of us are downloading many of them. This means that companies can take advantage, too. Many distribute an as a marketing strategy on its own. Others might use the opportunity to advertise their services in other companies’ apps.This is an advertising and marketing location that might make sense for your business.
  5. Email & SMS Email & SMS marketing certainly existed far before smartphones did. However, they have been made so much more accessible ever since. SMS marketing now has the ability to include attachments. Email marketing is now less likely to sit in the junk box, and more likely to pop up as a notification on a phone. More eyes are getting on these snippets of info, making them an attractive option for businesses.
  6. Instant Access You can access important numbers on your phone at any time, from anywhere without lugging around a Rolodex (who even has those anymore?).

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