Increasing Brand Reputation

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Building your brand requires you to increase brand reputation. This is when you make your brand better known and more visible to your customers and if appropriate, the general public. There are so many things that business owners can do to make that happen. And they don’t all have to be complicated and expensive either. There are many simple, inexpensive and easy ways to increase your brand exposure. 

Become More Media-Savvy
Traditional media remains important, even in the age of social media. You should to have contacts in the local or national media, depending on the size and scope of your business. These contacts are who you reach out to when you open your first location, hire new employees, create a new product, expand and anything else noteworthy. It is also helpful to be on a list of potential sources for business related stories.


Give Away Free Items
Giving away free items might seem like an unnecessary expense, but consider it an advertising investment. For example, if you were to give away printed tote bags for free, people would see them. It works as a free walking advert for your business,Consider other items like coffee cups and shirts. 

Focus on One Big Idea
Your business should have one big idea that it focuses on. This idea should sum up the ethic of the business and what it’s all about. It’s what you want people to associate with your brand when they see your logo or hear the company name. If you think about it, this is what all the biggest and most successful brands have been able to do. They take one idea, repeat it all the time, and put a new spin on it when necessary. If you can do this, it should cement the identity of your brand, and it will be easier to make sure that people remember your brand when they’re exposed to it.


Create a Podcast or Blog
Creating content that people can really latch onto and get passionate about is definitely a good idea, but may take time to build a library of content and a following, so if you decide to go this route, be consistent. A blog is the conventional option when you’re trying to do something like this. Blogs can help you to reach customers and clients who haven’t heard of the business and if done well, can answer FAQs. It can also establish your position as a thought leader in your particular industry. Another option is to create a podcast. The benefit of a podcast is that people can listen to it at any time. Some people listen to podcasts in the car, others at the gym. Podcasts are similar to spoken blog posts, but should be interesting to the ear.  Consider reading the post: How to Start a Podcast in 6 Steps.

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