Honesty in Interviews

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You should always be honest in a job interview. Never, for example, say you excel at linear editing if you haven’t work on a linear machine in three years. Instead say, you have experience and strongly believe you could easily get back up to speed. Think about your phrasing. Don’t lie, but don’t sell yourself short either.

Above all else, never talk yourself out of a position. If you are scheduled for an interview, even if it’s over the phone, it is because the company is interested in you based on what they know from your resume and cover letter. Even if you don’t think you’re qualified, they obviously do or they wouldn’t be interviewing you! Or it is entirely possible they may be interviewing you for a different position.

Your job in the interview is to convince the person that the company would benefit from hiring you in any position, not just the one you applied for in the first place.

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