Texas Two Step Chili

With the frigid temperatures and nearly two feet of snow, we made a lot of soups this week. One of our favorites and one of the easiest is chili.

At our local Schnucks, they have Cookwell & Company All Natural Texas Two Step Chili Mix. It smells heavenly in the jar. We combine it with a pound of ground beef to make the most amazing chili.

One jar chili starter
pound ground beef
cayenne to taste (optional)
lime juice (optional)
shredded cheese such as cheddar or Mexican blend (optional)
tortilla chips (optional)

Heat the jar of sauce in a sauce pot over medium heat. Brown the beef. Drain. Add to sauce pot of chili. Cover. Let cook at least an hour. The longer cooking time means the flavors meld more.

My opinion:
J likes to add some cayenne pepper to give it a bit more spice. He also adds some lime juice and shredded cheese, but even without the additions, the chili is delicious. If you wanted to bulk up the vegetables you could add an onion and peppers.

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