Lentil Soup and Halloumi pitas

This was a delicious, filling dinner that is super easy to make. It’s a fun twist on the usual grilled cheese and soup dinner option.

Amy’s Lentil Soup (2 cans)
pita bread
Halloumi cheese

Open the cans of soup. As we like our soup a little blended, add to a blender or food processor. Do not over blend. A few pulses is good enough. Transfer to a pot and heat through to bubbling.
While the soup is warming, cut the Halloumi into slices. Arrange on a skillet and over medium high heat (without oil!) cook until browned, flipping once. Grill, toast or broil the pitas until browned. We added olive oil and some garlic. When the pitas are browned, plate and add Halloumi to the top or inside. Use to dip in the lentil soup.

My opinion:
This was a trial run to make sure we really liked basic lentil soup, which we do. The next time we make it, I’ll make it in the crock pot from scratch and add much more flavoring like lemon juice, cumin, cardamom, garlic and a few other spices. It made a great meal and one we will absolutely have again.

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