Why is the most important question

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Especially when it comes to technology.

If I applied this question to all of the things I am doing online, I could easily defend against technology attackers.

Why do I using Twitter? Because it connects me to mentors and peers across the country and world. At work it gives a face and an immediate, instant contact to reach our members.

Why do I use Foursquare? Because it is fun. Until this weekend I never got anything out of it. But when I became mayor of a location in a city I rarely visit, I got a complementary item. If I hadn’t checked in and become mayor, I would have never met several of the amazing wait staff.

Why do I use e-mail? To communicate with co-workers, friends and family. It’s often easier to send an email with details because an email can be referred back to when necessary. It’s a way to compile information and allow the recipient to read it at their own time. Do e-mails go unread? Yes, but more often than not, it does get opened and read.

Why do I blog? It gives me an outlet for ideas, complaints and conversations I would never have a chance to have in person. Do I think I’m an expert? No. But I do think what I have to say is valuable to my readers.

So before you jump on the newest technology wave, just to be first, as yourself what will you get out of it? Why do you want to use it? What is the value?

If the answer is just for fun, great! If the answer is to try something new, great! If it works for you, don’t let other people trample your parade.

2 thoughts on “Why is the most important question

  1. Hi Aurora,

    Like this topic!

    Think that it’s easy for all of us to jump on or off technology bandwagons without stepping back to ask ourselves, “Why?” — to say nothing of strategy and objectives.

    Think that the real utility of some technologies can be quite gray or altogether absent, and it’s good to give each one this basic litmus test.

    And “fun,” as you say, is definitely a valid reason to jump on board!

    -Chris Ehrlich

    1. Chris,
      Thank you so much for your comments. I’m glad you appreciated the topic. I agree follow up questions to why should be related to objectives and strategy. People often ask what I get out of the things I use. With Twitter, I can say I am connected to a support, professional community with similar interests. However, with Foursquare, the answer isn’t as strong. I get to play a game, compete against my friends and occasionally get a free drink or appetizer. For some those answers would fail their personal litmus test.
      Thanks again for commenting!

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