When did being Polite become an Anomaly?

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In our overly friendly and casual era, filled with too much personal information, when did simply being polite make you strange?

Yesterday, I tried to give up my chair at a table to someone who had a plate full of food (I was finished eating) and my fellow diners thought this was strange. I thought it was polite. I know how difficult it is to eat standing up, especially knife and fork required conference food. I knew if it was me, I would end up wearing more than half of what was on my plate if I had not eaten at the table.

This encounter got me thinking, I say please and thank you and may I, regularly. Only recently did I notice that these civilities make some people look at me strangely. Someone even commented that I would grow tired of using these civilities. I doubt that will happen. After 27 years, I still wave at everyone I pass, ask, “how are you,” and truly wait for the answer. If this makes me strange, I intend to keep being strange.

4 thoughts on “When did being Polite become an Anomaly?

  1. We are both strange then. And there are many others that are like you and I. I am a staunch believer in being polite.
    Heck, it’s part of what I believe in “paying it forward.” That’s why I love the Liberty Mutual commercial so much. Being polite/doing something for others goes a long way.

    1. Jason,
      I love that commercial too! I just worry that manners, etiquette and general politeness has become so unusual that great commercials use civilities to sell products. Can you imagine that commercial airing even 15 years ago? I truly believe in karma and that what I put out in the world comes back to me when I least expect it, good or bad.
      Strangely yours,

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