Teacher Appreciation Week 2015

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and thanks to my office, I’m super on top of it this year. Since A is still little, there isn’t a room mother to organize a teacher appreciation week gift from all the students. So another mom and I got together and made these:

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea

The Infant A Teachers can’t wear shoes in the classroom so we bought nine pairs of socks with the rubber on the bottom. Then we divided them by three and attached the note with a ribbon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.55.02 AM

I just made the note in Word with some clip art.

We also attached a $5 Panera gift card.

In less than $10 minutes and for less than $25 total we had a useful gift for our wonderful teachers.

Is Public Relations the New Politics?

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Is there any industry that garners respect any more? It seems like whether you are a teacher, lawyer or banker no career field is safe from wide spread public scrutiny.

Maybe it is all the reality television or the opinion laced network news, but with validating every person’s opinion, entire career fields are picked apart after a single bad experience. And what recourse is available?

This article from U.S. News and World Report (the most recent a quick Google search found) indicates that even the most respected career, Firefighting, still only get a 61 percent approval rating and these people save lives and structures every day.

With online reviews, even Doctors, have little recourse for bad word of mouth.

“…some physicians say they shouldn’t be reviewed online the same way people judge how a filet mignon was cooked or how fast a tire was changed,” This article from American Medical News reported. “And when it comes to negative reviews, doctors say they have more at stake than other businesses.”

So the next time a teacher, lawyer, politician or publicist is the butt of your happy hour joke, think about how detrimental that generalization and marginalization can be to overall public opinion.

Scary Trend: Teacher-on-Teacher Bullying

Photo from: Third Movement Seminars & Training

A tweet this week from Richard Laermer citing an article from USA Today, “A new trend comes to light every single day. Today’s: Teacher-on-teacher bullying,” really concerned me, especially in light of the recent bullying case in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

While the case referenced above involves teen on teen bullying, bullies come in all shapes, sizes and unfortunately ages.

As a Millennial, I’m used to be competitive and being a perfectionist for good or bad. However, I would never bully someone to gain an advantage.

I’m sure some of the teachers I had growing up were talked to by the principle or other teachers and may have even been bullied, but none of this occurred in front of me or my classmates that I can recall. I think that’s the key point.

Belittling someone in front the class is the absolute worse thing that can happen to a teacher. It undermines their authority and shows the students this type of behavior is acceptable, which to reiterate, it is not.

I am not suggesting schools and districts implement an expensive training program to combat Teacher-on-Teacher bullying. I would suggest that schools make sure to educate (many already do an excellent job) staff on the various forms of bullying and give them the resources for reporting not just the bullying of the students, but of the faculty as well.