Is Public Relations the New Politics?

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Is there any industry that garners respect any more? It seems like whether you are a teacher, lawyer or banker no career field is safe from wide spread public scrutiny.

Maybe it is all the reality television or the opinion laced network news, but with validating every person’s opinion, entire career fields are picked apart after a single bad experience. And what recourse is available?

This article from U.S. News and World Report (the most recent a quick Google search found) indicates that even the most respected career, Firefighting, still only get a 61 percent approval rating and these people save lives and structures every day.

With online reviews, even Doctors, have little recourse for bad word of mouth.

“…some physicians say they shouldn’t be reviewed online the same way people judge how a filet mignon was cooked or how fast a tire was changed,” This article from American Medical News reported. “And when it comes to negative reviews, doctors say they have more at stake than other businesses.”

So the next time a teacher, lawyer, politician or publicist is the butt of your happy hour joke, think about how detrimental that generalization and marginalization can be to overall public opinion.

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