Online Selling Tips for 2019

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More and more people are selling items online today. No matter whether you fall into this category, or you are thinking of starting an e-store, read on for some useful tips regarding the latest online selling trends.

Multi-channel shopping
This trend is inevitable when you consider the popularity of various devices in the current day. It seems that more and more people are making the switch from a laptop to a smartphone, to tablet. E-commerce has had to move with this. The stores that are going to benefit the most throughout 2019 are those that offer an optimum shopping experience through a smaller screen.

High-quality content
Over the past year or so there have been evident changes in the world of content. Previously, SEO content was entirely based on excessive keyword implementation with barely any thought for the quality of the article or post. Now, quality is everything. Search engines have changed their search algorithms and consumers are becoming wiser to the tactics deployed by businesses. Therefore, impeccably written content that is both interesting and engaging is a must. The relationship between this and ROI is becoming more and more evident with every month that passes by.

For many years, eBay was the go-to platform for anyone selling items online for the first time. However, Amazon is slowly taking over. Take a look at this post on 1P vs 3P for information about the different selling strategies you can use on Amazon.

Targeted suggestions
The marketing tactics being deployed by developers are becoming increasingly targeted. Targeted suggestions is a prime example of this. When a customer visits a particular website they will witness product recommendations that have been presented based on a criterion unique to the company. Most of the time their recommendations will be based upon the items they have viewed in the past or indeed purchased.

Free shipping
More and more companies are offering free shipping on a worldwide basis nowadays. The one major disadvantage associated with shopping online when compared with shopping in the store is the fact that you have to pay for the goods to be delivered to your home. However, this frustration is likely to be lessened as companies are realizing the massive advantage they will have if they offer this perk to their consumers.

Cross-channel marketing
In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, cross-channel marketing has cemented itself as somewhat of a necessity. Seamless browsing, coupled with the ability to shop and save across various platforms, enhances user experience dramatically. Nevertheless, this trend is likely to lead to a bigger gap between the e-stores presented by big brands with big budgets and those smaller e-tailers.  

Social media and email marketing
Last but not least, social media marketing and email marketing show absolutely no signs of slowing down throughout the coming year. The significance of these two platforms is monumental. When used correctly, these two platforms can provide astounding levels of success. Have questions abotu social media marketing? Let us know! 

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