Benefits of Trade Show Participation

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In a world where most businesses are spending good portions of the marketing budget on online marketing and working with online influencers, trade shows still remain popular. All over the world, there are crowded trade shows filled with both new startups and experienced companies selling themselves to the crowd and making important connections.  

To Get Noticed
There are millions of businesses out there. If you are new, or small, it can be hard to be seen and easy to get overlooked. Trade show displays give you a great chance to get noticed among a crowd. Use your display, and yourself, to stand out. 

A Chance to Chat
Exhibiting at a trade show gives you a chance to speak with people and present yourself face to face. You don’t get this with print advertisements or even social media promotions. Use your displays to get noticed and then spend time speaking with as many people as possible. Take the time to give people information about your company and why they need you. Make sure you engage with your audience one on one. Be receptive to their feedback as well! You never know when someone will give you a suggestion that changes your business for the better!

To See the Competition Up Close
Most businesses today have a lot of competition. You can go into their stores and look at their websites, but you never get a chance to see behind the scenes. Trade shows give you this opportunity. You’ll see their pitches and hear what they are saying to people. Take the time to visit other booths and get as much information as you can.

To See What Works
Speaking to people at trade shows also gives you a great way to get some essential feedback. Ask people what they think, ask what you could do for them and what they’d like to see from your company. You’ll also get a feel for what works. Watch how people react to your pitches and materials to find out what they like, what excites them and what leaves them cold.

To Develop Your Brand
Having a strong brand is more important than ever. Celebrities and even sports personalities use social media to create a brand. A trade show lets you get your brand out there into the real world. Give out branded business cards, freebies and bags to get your branding out there as much as possible.

To Reach a New, Targeted Audience
There are a lot of ways to reach a wide audience. But, this audience is often made up of many different demographics. Many of which won’t be interested in your company or what you’ve got to offer. You’re wasting your time trying to reach people you’ve got little chance of converting into customers and clients. Trade shows usually have a theme. Fashion shows, food shows, tech shows or just shows for small local businesses. The people attending know what they are looking for and what they want to see. It’s a great chance to spend your time reaching an audience that is already interested in what you’ve got to offer.

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