Find The Fun To Stop Your Marketing Sending You (And Everyone Else) To Sleep

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In many different ways, marketing is like the homework of the business world. Most of the time it seems like busy work. But without marketing your business success is much more difficult. 

In fact, the only real difference between the two are the consequences you can expect from slacking. Your customers have no reason to push you to do your best. Heck, they’re paying you, not the other way around. As such, failure to get on top here will leave your business in the bin right on top of your failed marketing plan. For obvious reasons, that’s not what you wanted when you started this venture. And, if you don’t put up a fight here, all you’ll have to show for your efforts is a lot of wasted time and money.

But, how can you actually get around to this task? In truth, it’s all about finding a marketing method which inspires you. We often make the mistake of thinking that marketing is dull. In reality, though, it can be a lot of fun if you approach it in the right way. Finding the fun in marketing could be the secret to your success. Instead of putting your plans off in any way possible, you’ll find yourself desperate to get back to them each day.

What’s more, fun marketing methods are useful for more than just you. It’s also crucial to remember that you aren’t the only one who gets bored of your marketing efforts. More often than not, your customers will get tired of them, too. So, injecting fun into proceedings can actually work to increase your productivity and sales. 

Let’s interact
With the use of technology, it’s possible to make use of a whole host of marketing methods which weren’t an option before. Perhaps most notable of all is the development of interactive advertising. Thanks to online ads, and even QR codes, you can now invite your audience to your advertisements. Not only does this provide you with creative license to experiment, but it also brings the fun for your customers. Instead of watching passively as you tell them what to buy, they can now get involved. Some companies let the viewer decide how the commercial ends. Others use a quick game to get their ideas across. As long as you ensure your product and message aren’t lost in the process, you may find you have customers coming back time and again. Even if they only return for another go on the game, you can use this chance to get your brand in their minds. What’s more, they’ll start to associate you with enjoyment which can be beneficial if they are ever in the market for your product or service in the future.

Comic commercials
In truth, making your marketing fun doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think. If you’re unwilling to stray from traditional commercials there are still opportunities to be memorable. There’s no denying that customers zone out for the duration of most television advertisements. But, funny commercials never seem as much of a chore. These are the ones which never fail to provide customers with a laugh. They break up the monotony of the “you need this product” rhetoric so many other companies focus on. The funnier your ideas, the better chance you have of winning viewers around to buying. Bear in mind that, even though comedy is the aim of the game, you need to keep things relevant. After all, the main appeal of comedy is the thought behind it. Any old joke isn’t going to work here. Instead, you need to work with your team to find the ideal comic approach to your marketing efforts. Of note, make sure non-employees get the funny otherwise you’ll just end up being cringe-worthy.

Get an app in the bag
Applications have become common currency in recent years. There’s an app for just about anything you can imagine. Apps are fantastic because they provide the opportunity to increase awareness through play. Bear in mind that your app doesn’t need to be directly related to your product. But, it does need to help boost awareness and provide a need for customers. So, say you specialize in jewelry. You could develop a game where a thief has taken all the diamond rings, and your customer has to find them again. This is fun, and it also instills a need to acquire your products. What’s more, you can make use of real product photos within. This subtle form of advertising will be fun to develop, and fun for your customers to play. However, make sure your app functions as designed. If the game crashes at every turn, the fun element will soon fade. Instead, clients will get the wrong impression of your company. As such, you should make sure to turn to mobile application testing services who can alert you to issues before release.

The gift of the gab on social media
You don’t need us to tell you that social media marketing is a must-have. But, if you go at this with a no-fun attitude, you’ll struggle to see success. The whole appeal of social media marketing is that it brings personality to products. And, the best way to get your personality across is to develop a fun and lovable persona. Instead of just posting straight up about business matters, aim to have as much fun as possible here if it makes sense for your business. It’s worth hiring an individual who can take sole care of your social media accounts. And, during the interview process, look out for someone who understands the nuances of your brand and can convey the message appropriately. 

Did someone say merchandise?
Merchandise is a more traditional marketing method than many of the ones mentioned here. But, it’s one which still stands to serve you well. What could be more fun than free stuff? What’s more, this is a double-barrel marketing method. Not only does it bring fun to your customers, but it also gets your name out there. If people start using tote bags decorated with your company logo, they become walking advertisements. What’s more, you can have fun here by going as crazy as you want. The options available are unlimited. You could stick with traditional choices, such as tote bags and pens. Or, you could go all out, with your own brand of tea or a branded pair of sunglasses. If you can, you want this merchandise to reflect a little of what you do. For instance, a company which sells cars could develop air fresheners for vehicles. A beauty company could make use of clothing. Admittedly, many companies are reluctant to try this because of the upfront costs. But, you can rest easy that those free gifts will soon bring in an awful lot more business. As such, there’s every chance they’ll end up paying for themselves.

A final word
The thing to remember throughout is that you always need to link back to your products. After all, stepping away from tradition in this way leaves you at risk of losing your marketing focus. Instead, always refer to your marketing and business plans. Having fun might be preferable, but never at the cost of what you’re actually attempting to do.

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