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The business isn’t the product or service you sell. It’s not the brand or the name or the marketing. Down to its core, the business is the people who make all that function. So, hiring and keeping the best people you can is the easiest way to create a stronger business.

The all-important job description
When you’re creating a new role, you need to spend a lot of time on thinking of the job description for the business. Not just to make sure the right people are applying, but to better understand what the position needs. You should know the competencies, not just the hard skills, involved in the job. You have to clearly fit them in the existing hierarchy, including making clear the relationships between that position and the business. 

The focus on culture
Don’t forget to highlight not just the defining elements of the role, but the defining elements of your business. Make sure you properly identify the most positive attributes of your company culture. What about the culture makes employees happy? Is it a focus on their future? Is it an integration of team-building and cohesion? Is it allowing more autonomy in how people do their jobs? Make sure you’re pitching the business as well as the job. Get them believing in the company early.

The perks you offer
You’re not going to be able to get better employees for free. The perks of the job absolutely need a place to shine. If you want long-term employees, for instance, then you might need a small business 401k plan to show that your business is a safe place to plan one’s future. If you want to create a place that allows better work-life balance, then you should be open to considering flexible working schedules and maternity/paternity leave beyond the norm. A simple paycheck isn’t enough to entice the very best.

The flexible approach to hiring
If you want a better chance at getting long-term employees, you need to cast a wider net. Some of the other methods of finding staff have distinct certain advantages. If you incentivize existing employees to refer new team members, then you are making valuable use of word-of-mouth just as you would in a marketing campaign. If you get out to networking events with the intentions of scouting new talent, then you have the opportunity to create a more personalized pitch to appeal to the individual. Don’t just rely solely on jobs listings.

If you want the very best people, you have to make yourself the very best employee to work for. From understanding what exactly you need from your team to being able to offer them a place that caters to their needs. Treat employees as well as you treat customers and you’ll get the best you can.

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