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Even solopreneurs need to upgrade technology occasionally. While you might be content using slightly outdated hardware, your software should always be up to date. This not only protects your data but ultimately protects your customers and clients too. When you make sure your browser, word processing program of choice and other items you access daily are updated, consider reviewing these four items as well.

Data Storage: consider Cloud Servers
Cloud servers can be used to transfer information as well as storing important data. Using a cloud server means your business data is instantly accessible and completely transferrable. It’s also one of the most secure ways to store customer data that could be seen as sensitive.

Payment Processing: consider Contactless Payments
If you are working offline and in an industry such as retail, you might want to consider contactless payments. Contactless credit card processing payments allow you to keep your business operating at an efficient level. Transactions are fast, which can reduce wait time for customers. Although contactless payments are not common, more and more businesses are using this payment process. 

Marketing: consider Online Marketing
Consider making sure your online marketing efforts are targeted and specific to reach your desired demographic. There are so many different venues that you can try and different possibilities to consider. For example, you can set up a social media marketing campaign with an ultimate goal of increasing sales. Make sure you have measurements for success in place and ways to make sure what you are doing online is working.

Client Connections: consider an App
Finally, you may want to look into app development for your business if appropriate. An app can be used purely as a tool for marketing or as another source for purchases. Just like with online marketing, make sure you know what the desired outcome is from this endeavor so you aren’t just creating something without an end goal in mind. 


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