Four Website Mistakes You Have To Avoid If You Want To Thrive


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If you want to create a website for your business, there are some mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Just Because You Can Do It Quickly, Doesn’t Mean You Should
    Enthusiasm can be like being drunk. All too often it carries us on a wave that can go too far, too quickly. As the saying goes, prior planning prevents poor performance. There is plenty of scope for setting up your website or online store in one sitting. You probably should at minimum set it al up one day and then walk away for at least a few hours. Come back to it with fresh eyes and give it a review. As a trusted friend to check it over for spelling and grammar and overall appearance. If possible, give yourself five to seven days to make sure all the kinks are worked out prior to making the site live.
  1. Don’t Just Take Any Domain Address You Can Get
    The power of the right domain address is fundamental to the performance of your website. It plays a part in how search engines rank your site, and ultimately how easy you are to find online. Look into how you can get one that is short, relevant to your business and tells people who you are and what you do. Choosing the wrong one can impact you negatively going
  1. Don’t Ignore Expert Advice
    Anyone who has watched a bit of reality TV will probably have seen shows where an expert hands out advice to novices starting a business. Very often, the novice will say “I appreciate your point of view, but I think my way is going to work better!” Self-confidence is a beneficial, essential quality. Delusion is not. Source good advice. Companies like CandidSky have made a business out of online branding.While consulting a branding company may not be where you want to spend you money right away, if it is something you want to do in the long run, it is better to consult a branding company sooner rather than later and likely less expensive. 
  1. Don’t Make Decisions In The Heat Of The Moment
    If you have a “can’t miss” idea today, it will still be as good tomorrow. It’s great to have one of those moments where you think “This will make me rich!” Your next thought needs to be “How do I ensure it makes me as productive as possible?” If a bit more analysis weakens it, then it wasn’t a strong idea to start with. If it’s a really good idea, more thought will hone it into a great one.

Rushing to publish your website and get your business moving online is natural. Doing it right is more important than doing it now, though, so apply some analysis before running full steam ahead.

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