Pay-Per-Click Ads what you need to know

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There are many ways to promote your website. One of the most effective options is with PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. This tactic is used a lot on Facebook. In a nutshell, this is where you pay for advertising that directs users to your Facebook page or a landing page on your website.

Millions of people opt for PPC marketing strategies each day and some are very successful, but there are four common mistakes you should avoid. 

  1. Poor keyword research
    Targeted ads only work if they reach the right people! Poor keyword research often causes a low return on investment (ROI) with PPC marketing campaigns. Google has a powerful keyword research tool that can help you identify the right keywords.
  2. Not A/B testing
    Sometimes the problem isn’t how you target your audience. The issue might be down to the style or content of your pages. A/B testing allows marketers to determine which version of a landing page works best. The infographic below has additional information on how to do A/B testing.
  3. Poor ad content
    As you can imagine, it’s crucial for an ad to have catchy copy. Those limited characters have to grab the reader’s attention and the words must be relevant to the landing page.
  4. Not bidding enough
    Last, but not least, PPC marketing doesn’t work if you’re not bidding enough for the top spot. Let’s face it. Few people will see your ad if it’s on page five of a search engine results page!


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