How to break up with your boss

One of the college students I work with has the opportunity for a fantastic, paid internship this semester. While great, that means she needs to quit her current part time waitressing job, which she loves and she might want back when her internship ends or at least get a good reference from in the future. I pointed her in the direction of my original post on the topic, Giving Your Two Weeks Notice, but she wanted more and suggestions for leaving on extra good terms.

This article from the May 2011 issue of Shape Magazine section featured tips on how to break up with your hairdresser, your friend and your employer and offers some great advice.

“Start off with a compliment, telling your manager how much you’ve learned from him or her, then explain that you’re ready for a new challenge (this is not the time to air your grievances, be overly emotional, or insult your bosses—you’ll hurt your reputation, and you never know who you may end up working for again),” states the Career Expert, Nicole Williams, in the article. Williams continues with a suggestion to recommend your replacement.

In my collegian’s case, a compliment on the manager’s style is completely appropriate. Then explaining how this internship will help her get a foot in the door at a company she really wants to work for and will give her the experience she knows future employers require will help her in the conversation with her current boss. However, especially since she may want to work there again, she needs to reiterate how much she appreciated working at the restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere. Also, she may want to tell the manager when the internship ends and ask if she can heck back with him around then to see if he needs additional help or if he has another opening. She can also suggest a responsible and reliable friend who could start immediately.

Ideally, whether you are a collegian who may want to waitress at the same restaurant again or a professional looking to make a change, honesty and transparency are your best bet when making a change.

How have you broken up with your employer?

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