Whispering, just don’t do it

Image from: http://www.johnlund.com

Whispering makes everyone uncomfortable. It reminds people of the high school (or middle school) cafeteria.

As Meghan M. Biro points out in her post for PR Daily on the 12 most annoying workplace habits, “There’s not much behavior that’s as subversive and damaging as whispering, especially when it’s the boss talking to his or her pet employee. Act like an adult. If you have something to say, speak up (in an inside voice, of course). Otherwise, hold that thought—or send an email.”

That’s the exact right advice. If you don’t want to share with the class, send an email or have the conversation behind a closed-door. Not to mention whispering will make others see you as immature.

What do you think about whispering in the office?

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