A little niceness goes a long way

After yesterday’s post about how not to interact with your co-workers, I thought we all could use a reminder that a little niceness goes a long way.

There’s something about a birthday wish from a co-worker, even if it’s on a post it note that means a lot. In my office we don’t give gifts, but we do give paper plates and plastic silverware. That trend started when our office stopped providing these things for us. The best part is we share. If you need a fork and I have one, it’s all yours.

After many years in many offices, I’ve decided the key to making it through the day is the little things. A kind word, a nice gesture. These seemingly little things make a huge difference. I don’t think we do enough of this for each other. Yes, we’re busy, but how much time does it really take to listen to the answer of how are you, instead of just racing to where you were going. Say thank you and mean it. Bring in those extra cookies you don’t want sitting on the kitchen counter. Share.

It’s like kindergarten, only hurt feelings last longer. So be nice.

One thought on “A little niceness goes a long way

  1. Too true … as my late grandmother used to tell me, “It costs nothing to be nice”.

    And you are right, we spent our time being too hbusy for one another – never good.

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