You’ve got Mail!

Do you ever find yourself judging e-mail addresses?

It seems like a few years ago everyone had an AOL address with a cute name. Then colleges and recruiters told everyone to be professional and drop the cutesy monikers. So now instead of it’s Now, all that’s really left to judge is your e-mail provider.

I’ve found myself inadvertently making judgments about someone just because they still use an AOL address or a juno address (until yesterday I really didn’t know juno still existed, I swear). Especially since it seems Gmail is the number one choice followed by hotmail/msn and then yahoo.

Is there a hierarchy to e-mail providers? Have you ever been judged by your e-mail address?

3 thoughts on “You’ve got Mail!

  1. I think one’s email address is pretty important. In today’s business world, you’re little more than a fly-by-nighter if you use hotmail, yahoo, msn or any of the freebies.

    And it seems like even some of our smaller clients don’t get that. It’s the first thing we insist on them changing after we engage. And although getting them to change is sometimes not easy, they thank us down the line. Very. Gratifying. Indeed.

  2. I agree with John. I try to tell people to change their emails from cutesy ones to their names especially when applying for jobs. If they want to keep the cutesy one for personal that is fine but they should never use it for a resume. I personally I don’t think companies large or small should ever have a gmail, AOL, hotmail, etc email address. It doesn’t give credibility. And it’s too easy to get a domain name for their company for free.

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