Twitter for more than conversation

Without this great resource, I would have never gotten in contact with Jeff Esposito, John Sacke and many of the other people I consider mentors and peers. I go to them for advice and I love hearing their thoughts on the topic of the moment.

Much has been written about mentors and how great they are. See Jess Greco’s great post Mentoring in the Social Media Age. I would never thought to seek out a mentor in a social media sphere before twitter. I always looked for people I knew face to face. I think because I don’t necessarily know these mentors face to face, I can be more candid.

Every single conversation I’ve had with my mentors has been uplifting and empowering. I leave feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do, like I can take on the world. It’s an amazing support system, one I am incredibly thankful for.

2 thoughts on “Twitter for more than conversation

  1. I hear you Aurora. I too had the benefit of having an excellent mentor way back when. Yes, he was harsh. Yes, he was cruel (sometimes), but he really taught me a heck of a lot. So, happy to help. Oh yes, by the way, I am now following Jeff Esposito on Twitter.

    1. For the record, you are neither harsh or cruel. You are fantastic mentor and I just wanted to publically express my appreciation. Jeff is a good guy. His daily comics get me through some crappy mornings.

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