Sleeping: the challenge

Baby Sleeping Challenges

I was so excited after the first few weeks with our Express Sleep Plan from the Baby Sleep Site. Things were finally moving in a much more manageable direction. But then as usual, life happened.

We moved into our dream house and of course expected sleep regression. The house was filled with new sights, sounds, smells and was probably pretty unnerving.

I figured we would go back to the flexible part of the plan and see what happened. Less than 24 hours after we arrived at the new house, Baby A got sick. Really sick. Emergency Room sick. Luckily this time she was stronger and the pneumonia diagnosis only meant staying in the hospital a few hours instead of five days.

Because she was so miserable, it meant any sleep training was out the window. We regressed back to at least three wake ups and snacks a night.

The our family took another very unexpected blow when my father in law died. It was devastating.  Baby A, J and I relied heavily on the support of our family and friends for the next few days.

A week and a half after the move, I got walking pneumonia.

In truth, it’s been a downhill slide ever since. I feel awful about letting A cry, especially when she starts to go hoarse. I’m terrified I won’t hear her crying, so I don’t sleep very deeply.

It’s taken a lot of energy for everyone.

I had hoped Baby A would be well and we could start the process over again, but the germs just keep coming. Her congestion got so bad, for a few days she could only comfortable sleep on J or I.

Plus, she’s getting smarter. Last night, she threw her coveted blanket out of her crib more than a few times.

She gets so mad and desperate for comfort that she angrily throws the very things she wants (pacifier, blankets, comfort square) out of her reach. Then J or I have to get them and try to calm her down.

Last night, she screamed off and on from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.

There’s a looming deadline of Dec. 4 to make some progress or at least make enough progress that J can handle things on his own.

Wish us luck and good health!