Resume Gaps

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A recent tweet from BrazenCareerist made me feel better about my own resume and gave me a sigh of relief. “Gaps in your resume are a good thing if they are filled w/ interesting projects and adventures. Makes you look more interesting. #HireFriday”

As a young journalist, I followed my then fiancée (now husband) to a new state practically half way across the country. Twice. This left me with some gaps in my resume.

Some older HR people frowned on these gaps and one recruiter flat-out told me it looked so bad the company would never consider me. This comment initially left me crushed. Then I realized, I probably didn’t want to work for this company if they were willing to judge me by the few months I wasn’t working instead of the time I was working.

While searching for a fulltime position, I waited tables and I freelanced as much as I could for whoever would pay me. Mostly, I realized just how much what I did for 40 hours a week defined me. The extra time allowed me to think about what I like and dislike about every job I’ve had and answer just about very interview question possible.

I truly hope that with today’s economy, those who frowned on my employment gaps have the sense to look beyond the gaps others may have.