How to close a Job Interview, Part 2

Previously, the best advice on how to end an interview was to inquire about the process and next steps. (You can read more on How to close a Job Interview from January.) That advice is still relevant, but this recent article from Brazen Careerist has additional suggestions.

To reiterate, however you choose to close the interview should be within your own comfort level and be reflective of how the interview went. You must be able to read the interviewer and determine from their body language, tone and facial expressions the correct next step.

As the Brazen Careerist author, Sarah Greesonbach, writes as the interview is winding up, “assess how you think you did. If you feel strongly that you’re still the prime candidate, ask any one of the following analytical questions (or more, if appropriate).”

Her suggestions are:

  • “May I have a tour of the office?”
  • “If you were forced to say yes or no to hiring me right now, what would be your biggest hesitation in offering me this position?”
  • “May I ask why you are interested in me for this position?”
  • “What are the most important characteristics you are looking for in the person you plan to hire for this position?”

To those I would add:

  • “Who else would I be working directly with in this position?” Followed by, “May I meet them?”

What would you add?