Another Thing I Love About Twitter

Several people I know have had the amazing opportunity to attend some excellent conferences. Normally, I would be super jealous, but thanks to Twitter, I can tag along!

I’ve been following #mmcon10 the hashtag for the ASAE Marketing & Membership Conference. While I am not getting the whole conference experience, I am able to get the take away nuggets of wisdom that tweeps share. And they are sharing! I’ve got pages and pages of notes, quite like I would if I had actually attended the event.

I’d like to just take a moment and state for the record that I do not think Twitter devalues the conference or will ever replace conferences in general. I do think that Twitter allows those of us not lucky enough to be in attendance the opportunity to see what we’re missing.

In a way, it is a win-win for the organization. In this specific case, people who can’t attend the conference are still paying attention to the content and are probably more likely to attend in the future.

I hope this trend of sharing continues.