A Bank that doesn’t hate on even potential customers

So after yesterday’s rant about issues with a certain bank (some of which I acknowledge were not the bank’s fault, per say) I wanted to take the time to give full credit to a local bank who has amazingly excellent customer service, even for their non-customers.

After my initial tweet, a representative from Landmark Bank contacted me on twitter, leading to a day long conversation and an e-mail addressing my specific needs. And I’m not even a customer. Landmark Bank saw I problem, offered a solution (several in fact) and has continued to provide answers to every question I’ve asked, even if the representative had to ask someone else.

Not only are they using social media to their advantage, I am sure they are getting results. I am curious how many other potential customers they have engaged this way. A far cry from the other bank’s “how can I help you” stream of non-interaction.

Honestly, all I wanted yesterday was to talk to a real person. Some one who could say, we don’t have any control over when the alerts are sent, it is all automated. Here’s exactly what happened. We’re sorry this happened to you, but it isn’t our fault. I would have been fine with that answer. When I didn’t reach anyone on the phone (and can’t spend a half hour on hold or get to the bank during “banking hours”), I tried social media.

I just wanted an explanation, which I still have not received.

When Did Banks start Hating on their Customers?

What is the point of having a customer service account on Twitter if you won’t even engage your upset customer?

You may have noticed, I’ve complained about Bank of America before. The first time was when the website was down. The people controlling the Twitter account said it must have been an internet issue on my end because it was working fine for them.

When I told them that the rest of my internet was working fine. I didn’t get a response.

For the record, I have low account balance threshold alerts set up. I should get an e-mail and a text, but can only seem to regularly get the e-mail. I got an alert at 5:53 a.m. Too bad after I checked my account, I found out that I got hit with a fee yesterday what looks to be early. (Bank of America doesn’t timestamp the transactions.) Frustrated, I sent out this tweet: dear @bofa_help it is beneficial to have a low balance notice sent BEFORE fees kick in. sincerely, a disgruntled customer.

I’ll just say the response was faster from friends who have had a bad experience than the actual @bofa_help (who I still only just heard from.)

A rather smart, business savvy friend said he’s personally heard complaints from all levels of customers of Bank of America. From simple checking account holders up to multimillion dollar loan holders.

I’d love to switch. Unfortunately, I’m a bit hand cuffed as my current company uses Bank of America. Since I have direct deposit, I can get paid a full day earlier for taking advantage of this arrangement.

All I really wanted was someone to listen to my complaint. Too bad the people listening were also irritated instead of the people with the power to help.

10 a.m. Update: Bank of America contacted me again to say I wasn’t following them and therefore couldn’t DM me an e-mail address. That has since been rectified, but still no e-mail address to a real person.

A great local bank, Landmark Bank, recommended in the article here by Justin Willett contacted me on Twitter to say they’re sorry to hear about my complaints and offer help. They even went as far as to read this post and directly comment. I must say, I’m pretty impressed. If their in person customer service matches their online customer service, I might be sold. Look for further updates throughout the day.

Update: As of 7:30 a.m. on Friday, April 16, still no actual person contact. Sure, they said to e-mail the best time to reach me, which I did. But on Wednesday they called an hour after I said I would be available and on Thursday an hour before. The poor, confused man who called yesterday admitted to NOT KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS in the Central Time Zone. Google, much? Then, instead of leaving a number, he suggested I contact them on Twitter again. Because that worked so well the first time. I am actually hoping they try to call again this afternoon. Maybe they’ll get the time correct.