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This dish is easy and fast. Great for that late summer weeknight dinner.

Tuna Steaks
sesame oil
soy sauce
garlic powder or smashed and chopped fine
ginger powder or smashed and chopped fine (or you can skip everything from the sesame oil through the garlic powder and just use gyoza sauce, that’s what we do)
sriracha sauce

Mix together marinade ingredients. In a separate tupperware, add tuna steaks and pour marinade over steaks. Seal with tupperware lid and GENTLY shake to coat. Marinate for at least a half hour up to one day in the refrigerator. Be sure to save the marinade to use while grilling. Get grill going (we’ve used both a charcoal grill and the George Foreman). Add tuna steaks. Cook until light pink halfway up the steak, about three to four minutes depending on the size of the tuna steak, then flip. (Ignore this step if using a George Foreman). Pour the remaining marinade over the tuna on the grill. Cook another three to four minutes.

My Opinion:
If you want this to be spicier, add more sriracha sauce to the marinade. The marinade is poured over the tuna steaks after the flip to keep them from drying out. The George Foreman cooks the tuna more throughly, but since I like mine a little more rare on the inside, I prefer the grill. Serve with a salad, rice or couscous. Easy and quick!

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