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Whether you’re a solopreneur or a growing business part of participating in the modern economy is answering customer and potential customer questions. This becomes difficult when the questions come in at all hours of the day and night and no one wants to wait for an answer.

You might think you aren’t a big enough company to have a customer support solution on your website or that adding help desk software. 

would be out of your budget. This was completely true before Wix Answers.

Wix Answers is a free help center, call center and entire ticketing system in one integrated platform. Wix Answers is even free if you don’t have a Wix website!

Plus, it is really easy to set up and customize to align with your brand. It can be as simple as choosing from one of the Wix Answers templates, adding a few articles and clicking save. You don’t need extensive HTML, CSS or IT knowledge to have a robust help center.

Content added to Wix Answers is easy to maintain, fully linked and integrated to your website and specifications. Documenting and sharing knowledge with your customers has never been easier.

With Wix Answers you don’t have to worry about accidentally publishing an article just because you want to see what it will look like. You will be able to preview any and all changes in draft mode before you publish.

There are five main elements of Wix Answers:

  1. Knowledge Base: As a business owner, no one knows your business better than you. This part might be the most time consuming because translating all the details about your business and the questions you innately know the answers to onto paper can be hard, but once you do this, you won’t have to start from a blank piece of paper again. You can create and manage your tutorials, guides, FAQs and more in one place. This way, your customers can find answers to questions and read helpful articles all within your help center. Creating a stand-alone article is as easy as publishing a blog post with Wix Answers. Plus, you will be able to see exactly what articles your customers ask for and what articles need improvements.

  2. Ticketing System: You might not think you have enough incoming questions to warrant a ticketing system, but you shouldn’t overlook this option. This is an easy way to have all of your customer questions in one place even if the question originally came over the phone or from Facebook. You can answer all of your customer questions through the Wix Answers platform. You can also label and track each ticket for reference and internal communication.

  3. Call Center: Sometimes the easiest way to get an answer is by picking up the phone and making a call to talk to someone. The downside is you might not be available when that call comes in. With Wix Answers you can have your very own customer service call centerwith an 800 number. Customers can also request a call back at a time that works better for you.

  4. Support Widget: You can easily embed a widget into any part of your website to give customers access to your knowledge base articles, tutorials and directly link to your ticketing system. This lets customers easily see how they can reach you with questions or concerns. They won’t have to scroll to the end of the page or hunt and peck risking the customer giving up.

  5. Actionable Insights: This is the most exciting feature available in Wix Answers. You’re collecting data on what your customers want, need and have questions about. These insights will let you see ticket response times, customer satisfaction ratings and trends in the support experience from the customer side. You can use these insights to make changes to improve your relationship with your customers, track your business progress and made business decisions based on data instead of just intuition.

In just five steps you can get started with Wix Answers quickly and easily.
Step one: Sign up to Wix Answers
Step two: Enter the name of your business.
Step three: Pick your primary language.
Step four: Choose your Wix Answers URL.
Step five: Begin customizing your help center by adding articles to your knowledge base and configuring your support channels.

That’s it!

The highlights of what Wix Answers includes are:

  • Fully branded Help Center
  • Ticketing system with multi-channel support
  • Built-in Call Center – Customers can also request a callback
  • As an added bonus, there is built-in SEO to help boost your results in the main search engines.  

In summary, Wix Answers is a useful solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes even if you don’t have a Wix website. The branding options create a seamless integration to help reinforce your brand as customers are seeking assistance. Ultimately, Wix Answers will help you build better, longer lasting relationships with your customers.

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