Florida More than Just a Spring Break Destination

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Florida is one of the most visited states in the USA, and it’s easy enough to see why. The state offers a wealth of delightful experiences, from huge theme parks to sandy beaches so beautiful you’ll never want to leave. We particularly loved our visit to Destin when our daughter was about six months old and our trek to Key West years before.

However, Florida is also a state that you have to negotiate carefully when booking a trip. If you get it right, your vacation memories will last a lifetime. But if you get wrong, you could be in for one of the worst kinds of memorable trips, one with horror stories. 

“Summer” is not necessarily the best time to visit
When most of us are planning a vacation, we plan for the summertime. Students are out of school and the annual summer vacation is something the vast majority of families plan the year around. However, summer is not a particularly great time to visit Florida.

The reason for this is simple: hurricanes. July through to September is generally considered to be the hurricane season, so it’s best to avoid the state during these times. While the chances of getting caught in a massive category 5 storm like Hurricane Irma are low, you could still find yourself vacationing during lower-category hurricanes and tropical storms. These might not be life-threatening but will prevent you from enjoying your vacation to the best of your ability. 

So when should you visit? May or October are considered the best times to visit Florida, so keep this in mind when booking your trip.

There’s more to Florida than Miami and Orlando
Miami and Orlando are the choice destinations for most family visits to the Sunshine State. To an extent, that makes sense— Miami is a vibrant, wonderful city that is hard to overlook, and Orlando is the home of Disney World. However, there’s more to Florida than these two cities.

If you want to avoid the worst of the crowds, then it’s worth considering a change of destination. Spend a couple of nights at a hotel in Tallahassee, taking the time to explore the local museums or visit the beautiful St. Mark’s Lighthouse during the day. Alternatively, head further north for a stay at the Jacksonville Marriott, giving you the opportunity to visit the wonderful Museum of Science and History. Florida is filled with alternative cities whether you prefer a beach vacation, a museum-centric vacation or a little bit of both!

Be prepared for the humidity
The Sunshine State promises plenty of sunshine, but you also need to be prepared for the humidity. Due to its near-tropical climate, Florida is easily the most humid state in the USA. The humidity can make the air feel much warmer than the actual temperature, and many visitors struggle during the hottest points of the day.

There’s relatively little you can do about the humidity itself, but you can follow these tips for dealing with high humidity to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible.

If you’re looking to book a vacation to Florida soon, keeping the above in mind can help improve your holiday, and ensure you and your family have an experience you’ll remember for all the right reasons!

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