Jetpack or How to Protect Your WordPress Site

WordPress has changed and grown in the last seven years. One of the upgrades is the addition of Jetpack.

When we upgraded from a WordPress hosted site to a self-hosted WordPress site, we knew we needed to make it more robust and able to handle the growth we experienced thanks in part to our posts on Yummly and other recipe sharing sites.

Jetpack offered more flexibility and a piece of mind with automatic site backups. We’ve been lucky and rarely needed this feature, but it is nice to know we don’t have to panic if someone clicks a wrong button and loses a banner or file.

Jetpack combines the most popular features of into a super-powered plugin for your self-hosted WordPress site:

  • Automated site backups, easy restores, and site migrations
  • Security scanning and automated fixes
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Earn revenue with a high-quality ad program
  • High speed and ad-free content deliver network
  • Support from the a global team of WordPress experts.

Check out plans and pricing and sign up for Jetpack today!

We are happy to answer questions or share more about how and why we use WordPress. Just drop us a note or comment below!

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