8 Tips On Attracting Employees And Keeping Them


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Editor’s Note: Here at Dispatches, we are always looking for ways to help our readers do things. For some of our readers, that means helping navigate the working world, for others, it means assisting in the ever challenging question,what’s for dinner?” For still others, it means figuring out how to balance family life with everything else. In an effort to aid in all of these endeavors, we have collaborated on this article written specifically for our readers. 

Growing from a solopreneurship to adding an employee or two is scary and finding skilled, competent, and loyal staff can be daunting. These eight tips will help you attract and keep employees when you’re ready for that step.    

  1. Creating A Positive Working Culture
    Employees who get along with their supervisors and colleagues and enjoy their work are more likely to stick around. Cultivate a happy and respectful working environment. Supportive supervisors, a platform to be heard, praise for work all contribute to a happy workforce.


  1. Transparency
    Be open about the job responsibilities and your organization from the outset. Potential employees should know what is expected of them and what they can expect from you in return. Let them know about your ethos and policies. For example, if you plan to test your potential employees for drugs using drug test kits, they should be aware of this early on. 


  1. Fair Pay
    Some people are motivated by monetary rewards. Other are motivated by other factors such as work satisfaction and variety. Regardless of motivations, each employee should receive a fair wage for their work. Ensure that pay structures are transparent and that everyone is treated equally.
  1. Give Credit
    If someone is doing a good job, ensure they are acknowledged for it. Everyone contributes to a business in their own way, and this should be recognized. If someone is doing something well, then make sure they know you appreciate it. Verbal praise, a thank you note, creating an employee of the week, etc., are all good ways to do this. If you start this when you are the only employee by marking your wins of the week, it will be easy to continue that with the next employee and so on. 


  1. Encourage Openness
    Encourage openness within your organization. Create a structure that allows staff to voice any concerns and talk openly about their work. Everyone should have a voice and a right to be heard.
  1. Personal Development
    Most people want to do well and improve their skills and career prospects. Encourage this within your company by creating opportunities. Set up training and promotion opportunities. If you can’t send employees out for training, consider developing an in-house training.


  1. Responsibility
    Allow your staff to take responsibility for their work. Don’t create an environment where they are micro-managed, and people are looking over their shoulder. Allow them, where possible, to structure their own workload. Everyone should feel proud of their work and have the freedom to do this in a way that suits them best.
  1. Management And Supervisors
    When the time comes to hire managers and supervisors, ensure they share your business’s core beliefs. These are the people who will disseminate the message and ethos to your workforce. They should be educated in your policies and ethics and feel happy about following and sharing them. There are many ways of creating a happy and productive workforce. Set out your business ethos and beliefs in the early stages. Ensure these are followed and implemented by everyone. Strive for employees who are well-paid, recognized, and have clear progression paths.

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