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Baby A has been enjoying new foods and flavors slowly over the last few months.

She’s eager to feed herself and becoming less interested in the smooth purees we had been feeding her. Which is why we were thrilled to find the Sprout Organic Baby Food pouches at our local grocery store. Because sometimes making our own food for her is just not feasible with the limited hours in the day. Plus, the pouches are extra great for school.

After trying a coupe of the Sprout Organic Baby Food, Baby A was hooked.

Which is why we sent her to school last week with one of the Banana and Brown Rice varieties.

I thought we had checked over each pouch at the grocery store carefully, like we do with canned goods. Turns out this one slipped past us.

Thank goodness for Baby A’s vigilant and watchful teachers. Not only did they catch the mold, but they saved it for us in a plastic bag and texted me right away.

Which meant, I called Sprout Organic right away.

Not only was the woman who answered the phone apologetic, but she was empowered to send us a replacement and treated me with compassion. When I described the issue, she said it was likely because someone had used a box cutter on the box even though they are clearly labeled not to use box cutters to open the boxes. At this point, she could have easily declared that it wasn’t Sprout Organic’s fault and told me to call the store where we purchased the product. Instead, she again apologized and verified our address.

I expected to receive a coupon or two so I was very surprised when a box arrived the very next day.

I opened it and saw 11 pouches!


Plus, the woman I spoke with followed up and was just as gracious.

Kudos Sprout Organic for standing behind your product and empowering your employees to go the extra mile for your customers.

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