Baby List: 5 to 8 months


A lot has changed in just a few months. Baby A is now super mobile and thisclose to walking. With all those changes, our list of musts has changed too. The basics are still super important and we still use most of those every day. But in addition to the previous list, we have baby-proofed the house (and are working on house proofing the baby!), updated her wardrobe and learned a lot.

More Baby Proofing:


Teething necessities:


  • Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks and Rock Stack Bundle She loves these! The next toys we buy will be a set of wooden blocks!
  • Random ball she pulled into the cart at Babies R Us
  • Books we could swim in books. A has a bookshelf in her room that is nearly brimming with books. Board books for now and some chapter books for later. She is getting more and more interested in reading as she gets older.


  • We love the rash guard from Hanna Anderson for A’s swimming lessons. It’s great for the swim diapers and great for keeping ahold of a wiggly baby!
  • Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White This has replaced our on the go version except at school. We just needed something that wasn’t going to eat batteries every couple of days. This one plugs in. She is really ambivalent about the projector though.

Things A has outgrown or is quickly growing out of:
Swaddles – as soon as she could roll over we stopped using these. We tried the wearable blankets, but A wasn’t in to them. She now sleeps with a lovie and a very light blanket in her crib. Yes, she can roll over. yes, she can pull it away from her face. Yes, we check on her regularly throughout the night. Yes, she is still getting up a couple of times a night to nurse.

Nursing pillows – A just doesn’t like them anymore. Which means less work for me, so I’m all for it.

Play mat– pretty much as soon as A could roll over and crawl away, she became super uninterested in her playmat.

Jumper/Exersaucer –  She tolerates this still for short periods of time, but actually prefers her pack and play because she can pull up to standing and can move around.

Pacifiers – she can take them or leave them except at nap time and bed time. Sometimes she just doesn’t want them at all.


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