Don’t eat your co-workers food

Seriously. You might think no one is going to eat that Lean Cuisine that’s been in the freezer for three months, but the second you eat it, that person will go looking for it. Guaranteed.

If this weren’t common office behavior, then the site reference above wouldn’t exist. The tag line for those awesomely gross sandwich bags is, “Are you sick of having your lunch stolen by coworkers or roommates? Disguise your sandwich to look spoiled and moldy! No one will touch it! Finally! A solution for those thieves that lurk in your office or your room just waiting to devour your perfectly made sandwich. With these bags (box comes with 25), you’ll be able to effectively deter any attempts on your lunch’s life. Bags are food safe and recyclable. Fits most sandwiches.”

As one faithful reader put it, “There will always be one or two people who eat other’s food, marked or not. Lunches and other food items go missing and usually no one seems to know where they go. Kind of like socks.”

Do not under any circumstances take a bite out of the crab cake and then hide it in the back. Do not eat the tub of ice cream that your officemate was saving for the intern’s birthday. Just don’t. If you didn’t bring it or didn’t buy it, then it isn’t yours.

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