How to close a Job Interview

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It’s best to close an interview with questions about the next steps and where the interviewer is in the process. This article suggest closing with, “When can I start?” This Career Confidential video state it another way, “based on what we’ve talked about I think this is a fantastic fit, do you agree?”

You might be thinking that’s too strong, or presumptuous. You have to find the right phrasing for you. One that fits your personality and the position.  It isn’t too strong, forthright or assuming to ask, “what’s the next step.” Or, “where are you in the interview process?” If you’re lucky you are either the last interview or the interviewer will tell you we are looking at another (number) of candidates.

The next question you should ask is, “when do you hope to make a decision?”

You should be able to tell by how the interviewer answers the question if they are willing to give you more information. If the answers are short, quip and generally seemed more focused in getting you out the door than providing you with information, be wary of asking the final question, “is there any reason you wouldn’t move forward with me?” or any of the above suggestions.

You can phrase it however you wish, but this is where you’ll get the most information. Either the interviewer will say a one-word answer (Yes or No) or give you something constructive. If the answer is simply, no, you can ask, “why not?” Which should start a conversation and give you an opportunity to discuss those points further. Or you might just be ushered out the door. You can be assertive and respectful and enthusiastic without being aggressive.

Bottom line: find a way to ask about the process, next steps and whether or not you’re still in consideration in your own words. This information is as crucial as the details in the actual interview because you’ll know where you stand and what to expect.

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