Apply Early

Every job posting has a deadline that usually reads something like: “all application materials must be received by DATE.” As an applicant, you’ve probably looked at that date and said to yourself, as long as I get everything in by then, I’m good!

Turns out that way of thinking might just be what’s keeping you from an interview.

According to new research from StartWire, mentioned in the myPathfinder Career Blog post, “More than one-fourth of jobs were filled with candidates who applied within the first two days of a posting, according to new research from StartWire. Half the jobs in StartWire’s research went to people who had applied in the first week.”

Twenty-five percent of jobs are filled with candidates who applied in the first to days of the posting, 50 percent from those in the first week. It clearly pays to be an early applicant.

The post continues with details on why these statistics are accurate and helpful tips from StartWire CEO Chris Forman.

The bottom line, is yes, you should apply as early as possible. It can only help you. You want to be at the front of the line. You want the hiring manager to call you even before the deadline passes to set up an interview.

So, set up those job alerts and have your application materials on hand. If you get alerts daily, then you are most likely to be at the front of the line.

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