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This post is for all college seniors and anyone else who is searching for a job.

It’s recently been brought to my attention that teaching students how to find a job is an overlooked skill at many universities. I can’t promise success, but I can provide some tips that have worked for me.

Make sure everyone knows you are looking for a job. You never know when a friend’s father might know of an opening or someone from your softball team just put in their notice if you neglect to mention that you are looking for a position. It might feel awkward at first, but memorize your elevator speech and you might be surprised who comes out of the woodwork.

Continue to socialize and talk about things other than searching for a job. It’s easy to let your job search dominate your life. You can spend countless hours combing through want ads and making phone calls. The burn out rate and general frustration can be overwhelming. Make sure you are still taking time to do the things you love and see your friends and family.

Set up Job Search Agents. Let the opening start flooding your inbox! Some of the tops choices are, CareerBuilder, Indeed and Simply Hired. Also, don’t be afraid to check the U.S. Government.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Or get professional help. If it’s been six months or longer and you aren’t getting any calls or interviews, consider having a professional review your resume and cover letters. Many are former recruiters and hiring managers and have a unique insight into the process. If you can, try to find someone in the field where you are applying.

Consider creating a webpage. Use WordPress or other free sites to create a site with more than just your resume. Write about your goals, show work examples, be creative!

Be selective. Know of a company you would love to work at? Go to the website, find the hiring manager’s email address and let them know. Fill out profiles on the company’s website indicating your professional history.

Check regional and national associations. These sites often advertise jobs that are not posted elsewhere.

Learn and use LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a profile, create one. The search and connect. If you still aren’t sure how to get started, Google LinkedIn tutorial.

Google yourself. And Bing. And Yahoo. And… You get the point.

What other job search tips and tricks would you want to share with college seniors and those searching?

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