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We’ve all heard horror stories of current or past co-workers becoming too comfortable at the office.


I’ll never forget hearing (on my first day several years ago) about a past employee who used the only bathroom on the second floor to shave before a date and did not clean up after herself. Or the man who used to make lengthy and loud personal calls. Or the woman who kept decaying items in the shared refrigerator and adamantly insisted they couldn’t be thrown out.

If you think these behaviors are outrageous, these are nothing compared to what others have experienced.

One friend had a co-worker not only constantly staring at her but inundating her with questions that got more and more personal every day. She finally put an end to it when she asked to have her desk moved. Unfortunately, that meant the questions came from across the room. And every time she opened a desk drawer or got out a snack, the person inquired as to what she was doing.

What co-worker tales of woe do you have to share?

4 thoughts on “Too comfortable

  1. Someone shaved their legs in the bathroom!? Wow.

    And that poor girl with the co-worker staring at her constantly…I can’t imagine. haha.

  2. Oh, the stories.
    There was one guy I used to work with who clipped his fingernails at his desk.

    Another woman, who thankfully didn’t work in MY office, used to mutter to herself in the bathroom. Like a crazy person.
    I stayed in the stall as long as necessary waiting for her to leave before I came out.


    Now I work from home, for myself. I’m sure I’ll still manage to come up with a few “crazy coworker” stories!

    1. Paige,
      Thank you so much for sharing. I knew a woman who used to clip her TOENAILS in a live truck! Gross!
      I think we all have been on both sides of this situation, just hopefully more mildly than the horror stories! Besides the joy of working for yourself or from home is that no one can see you being too comfortable!
      Have a great evening! I hope to hear from you soon!

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